Habanero chili experiment

Scrambled eggsI had leftover mushrooms from making last night’s dinner, so I decided to make scrambled eggs with spinach, Morning Star veggie sausage patties and mushrooms.

This is probably the closest thing I have to a signature dish, so I am always experimenting with new ingredients in an attempt to make the meal uniquely mine.

Habanero chiliToday, I decided to add a habanero chili to my scrambled eggs.

I knew this pepper was really hot and I wasn’t sure how much to add.

I cut the pepper in half and tasted a small piece. As you would expect, the habanero was extremely hot. My mouth was burning for at least five minutes. Wiping my eyes before I washed my hands didn’t help either.

I have a low tolerance for really hot food, so I added only 1/4 of the pepper. For most people, half a pepper would be perfect, but I have no desire to feel the burn.

Lessons learned:

– Don’t underestimate the heat of a habanero chili.

– Habanero is often misspelled as habañero.